Well I am sure, the question comes to everyone’s mind, there are so many keyword research and SEO Tools online, everyone is offering a 7-day or 14-day free trial so you decide to hop on from one keyword tool to another tool, cause let us face it, we like free stuff!

So is it really worth it to buy a subscription for an SEO tool?


Consider it your investment, because trust me if you know how to use the tool and have the necessary resources, your returns are going to be much much more! Which is why I advise you to use your free trials everywhere and learn how these tools work. I have been through literally every tool and I have finally settled down with SEMRush. And, don’t forget, you can always bill it to your client 😋
So for the people living under a rock…

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing from SEO and PPC to Social Media. 
All you gotta do is enter your domain, URL or your keyword in the search bar and you are presented with a huge amount of data. It might be overwhelming to see so much data and you probably would not know what to do with it at first. But just relax and browse through every section.

SEMrush features review :

So what features does SEMrush have?

1. It can help you in SEO and Organic Research:

  1. You can research your keywords and get keyword suggestions
  2. You can analyse your keywords for their difficulty level, search volume and the competition
  3. You can track your position on SERP

2. It can give you amazing(creepy) insights into your competitor’s strategy and their paid campaigns

  1. You can track the keyword your competitor is trying to rank for.
  2. You can even see which keyword your competitor is spending money on, and what are they bidding for their keywords.
  3. This is an amazing advantage you will have over people who are not using SEMrush, you basically know what they are trying to rank for and how much are they willing to pay for it. The rest is up to you!

3. Site Audits

  1. This deals with on-page SEO
  2. You can find your meta description, title tags, header tags here
  3. You will find the best way to optimize them and get a good SEO score!
  4. They also check your internal links and look out for unfriendly URLs

4. Backlinks

  1. This is another feature I absolutely love!
  2. This feature gives you data about your competitor’s backlink strategy
  3. You can find where your competition is getting back-links from and target those websites for the same!
  4. Your backlink strategy will get quite a boost after subscribing for SEMrush!

What else can SEMrush do for you?

1) On-page SEO Checker / SEO Ideas tool

  1. As you can see in the image, SEMrush analyzes every page of your website and suggests ideas for improving your SEO. It might be about building backlinks or maybe about something you just missed out. 
  2. It also suggests websites from where you should acquire backlinks.
  3. These suggestions are based on your domain authority I am guessing.
  4. You can see how and why SEMrush has come up with these ideas by clicking on it. 
  5. Rest assured, all the results are data-driven and not guesswork. Which is why I believe SEMrush is worth the money we put into it.

SEO Ideas

2) Keyword Magic Tool

  1. Another awesome tool at your disposal. 
  2. Just type in the keyword you want to rank for, and this tool will give you its suggestions based on the unrealistic amount of data it has.
  3. On the left-hand side, you will find groups, I assure you that you might not have thought of so many verticals. Like the result for pdf in particular!
  4. You can add many filters to this search depending on competition, CPC, and literally anything you can think of!

Keyword Magic Tool

3) Research by Location!

  1. This one is fairly straightforward.
  2. You can select the country which you want to target and you will get keyword ideas for the same!
  3. This helps you write different content for different audiences. Some content might be more localized than others
  4. Do remember, if you are using any Ad Network, views and clicks from USA and UK usually have a higher CPM.

Target by location

I will be updating this section as I find out more about this tool. The functionalities it offers is quite amazing! This article is going to be very very long!

Pricing plans:

SEMrush pricing

I would personally recommend a $99 plan to start out and do not forget, ALWAYS BILL THE CLIENT FOR ANY TOOL YOU ARE USING! 
Of course, if you have the cash to spend, the $399 plan offers white label reports, which is something I could only wish for! 😐
In the end, it does not matter if you are new to this or experienced, SEMrush is a tried and tested tool used by many marketers online, you need to invest in this if you want to grow as an SEO practitioner, you can always grab your free SEMrush 7 day trial to test it out. I am not sure if they provide all the features in those, but I guess they provide enough features to keep you hooked! Try it out today, good luck!