Back with a SEO Case Study for New Bloggers

It has been a while since my last blog post and this is mainly down to the fact that I have been trying to improve my content instead of adding more content. Also, because I just shifted to Ireland and pursuing my Master’s currently. I would be writing about it soon enough!

Alright, getting back to the point. I have been editing my older posts of late and trying to improve them for the search engines and I think I have had decent success with it. Here are my Search Console statistics as well as my Ahref statistics which show an increase in my average position, impressions as well as DA and PA ! This is not a post where I go from zero visitors to 1 million visitors, this is just a post where I describe how I went from no visitors to 20-25 visitors daily just through purely improving my content everyday. SEO is a marathon, do not expect to finish it quickly, unless you want to blow money on it!

Case Study Overview

I am presenting my SEO case study here to encourage new bloggers to get the first few visitors to their new blog! Of course, content is still the most important thing in SEO and improving your content using the free tools Google provides you with is the least you can do to improve your SERP rankings. So, let us start with the SEO case study. Here is a screenshot from my Google Search Console!

SEO Case Study

As you can see, I have data here from June-August. I started with an average SERP position of around 150, which is a lot but I was and still am fighting in a highly competitive and highly saturated niche. After all, this website is a case study in itself. And I think with enough effort, I can start ranking for the coveted spots.

So getting back to the case study, I started out with an average SERP ranking of 150 which has seen a downward trend ever since, apart from some minor hiccups. I started optimizing my content around July and my ranking has stablilized and is increasing daily. I do rank for some keywords on the first page of Google, but they are not really the posts I am looking to rank for. So, I was ranking at around 160-170th position in July after which I started optimizing my content instead of adding new one. This is when my ranking actually started improving, and at the moment my average position is around 40. This means that I rank on the second or third page of Google for some really highly coveted queries! All this, without spending a single penny and without spamming shady backlinks. All this is strictly through a good content strategy.

Step by Step Guide to improving your SEO

So, here is what I did and you could do it too very easily by using a very awesome tool available completely free of cost. Of course, I am talking about the Google Search Console. Here is what you need to do :

  1. Go to your Google Search Console
  2. Proceed to Search Appearance and Select Search Analytics.
  3. Select all the options : Clicks, Impressions,CTR, Position
  4. Below it, select pages!
  5. You will see all the list of your pages. Now, you can individually select each page you want and look for the queries that are getting people to the page. You will be surprised. Were those the keywords you were trying to rank for? If you were, then you are good and you don’t need this piece of information. But, if you are surprised to see the queries you are ranking for then it is time to sit down and start improving your content!
  6. This is important because, you might be trying to rank for one keyword while some other keyword is driving traffic to your website! OR at least impressions. This approach would help you cover all the bases
  7. You can download this data, then run it by some keyword tool ( Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool) and look for keywords with high search volume!
  8. Then, you can use these keywords and build long-form content around it and edit your post a bit, watch your rankings go up!

Every SEO Case Study consists of one important aspect which is building content. And, there is no way around it! You gotta do what you gotta do to get to the top.


I hope this simple case study can improve your SEO efforts, and I assure you that good content never goes unnoticed. And Google LOVES fresh content so the more you keep updating your old content, the better results you are going to achieve.

Also, I was wondering if I should post this case study or not, because it is not really spectacular that I improved on my rankings because I am still not on the first page of Google for the queries I want, but hey! At least I went from the 15th page to the 3rd page right? So, I hope this case study inspires new up and coming bloggers to venture out online. Don’t worry about the niche being saturated, if you love what you are writing about, sooner or later people are going to notice it. But hey! If you are starting a blog for the sole reason of earning money, you can go after the micro niches, I would be writing a case study for my other site soon which I am using to make money, I have had more success already than this site but I still love to write these blogs, because this is what I love to talk about! 

So, if you are a new blogger, don’t hesitate! Just start, and follow these awesome steps and slowly improve on your writing and SEO skills along the way. This case study is a prime example that if you work hard enough, the guys at Google will notice it sooner or later 😉

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