Anyone who tells you affiliate marketing is very easy is actually very wrong. However, it is not that difficult either, once you find the right offer and right source of traffic, you can actually start making money. 

Don’t start dreaming though, most affiliates don’t make a large amount of money. This is because it is really hard to scale your campaigns, but earning $100-$200 a month with the right efforts is not difficult. Whether you can scale it later or not, that is up to you. 

Today, I want to help people like me start their journey into affiliate marketing, I have managed to start earning $100-$150 per month in passive income through affiliate marketing with an ad spend of $20-$30 every month. I am yet to take the leap in scaling the campaigns but I thought this might help my readers out. So here it is:

How to get approved for MaxBounty’s Affiliate Program?

There are lots of affiliate networks around and I have tried my hand at many of them, however, MaxBounty has the best offers I believe. The products as well as the biz opp offers are very good and have a higher chance of conversion.

The approval process consists of a telephonic interview with one of their affiliate managers, this helps them weed out complete newbies. However, if you are a newbie and want to get approved, don’t worry! Here is what you need to do.

You will need to go to this link and there are 6 steps you have to undertake to submit your application:

Max Bounty Sign-up

First select Your full name, your company, password and confirm the password.


Click on next
Select security question1 from the drop down. Add in the answer, and repeat again for step #2

maxbounty step 2

Here add in the personal information on how they can reach you… do approve each account manually after they verify that you are the real person.

maxbounty step 3

In the next step, you will be prompted to put in your address, finish that and then move on to the experience section.

In this section just copy what you see in the screenshot below. Oh, make sure you write in the experience section that you have AT LEAST received one payment from a network.


On the next page, select all the checkboxes and click on finish. Now comes the part which people dread, some of the people I know were worried that their English skills were not strong enough to pass this “interview”. Let me tell you, they don’t care about that. As long as you know how to promote offers, they couldn’t care less. We are all here to make money after all.

Once you submit your application on Maxbounty, their affiliate manager calls for verification and asks these set of questions:

Q1- How long have you been promoting CPA offers?

Answer: I’ve been promoting Clickbank Offers for about 6 months and have seen some success. I am hoping to continue with the same on MaxBounty since I have heard that MaxBounty has the latest offers and so conversions are easier.

Q2- How do you plan to promote our offers?

Answer: I will use Google PPC (pay per click) campaigns to drive traffic to my websites (landing pages). Also, I will do a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to harness the power of Google.

Q3- How much traffic do you plan to get?

Answer: That’s not certain. If an offer is popular and the keywords I choose will have a lower CPC (Cost Per Click), then there will be a lot of traffic flowing into my website.

Q4- What kind of offers do you usually promote?

Answer: Well, I do like working in the health niche, but recently I discovered I am good at home loan and financing offers also.

Q5- How much money can you spend on advertisements?

Answer: I can spend $10-50 a day however that depends on the success of the offer and the payout, I will be adjusting my budget and scaling campaigns whenever necessary.

That is all then, I hope this course helps people in getting approved for MaxBounty. I saw people selling MaxBounty accounts and hence I decided to write this post to help you guys out.

Added Bonus

I decided to finally take action two weeks ago instead of researching over and over again about offers and platforms. Let me tell you, one thing you need in affiliate marketing is a good coach who can help you out. I paid $12.97 for this course and it has been an amazing investment for me.

Within a week I had earned $105. This meant that I had already made back my investment in 7 days. I am working to build on my initial income now and hope to scale my campaigns soon!

Check out the course here: CPA Drill 

Thank You, see you guys in the next post.