Are you seeing signs of stagnation in your business? It may very well be a case where your lead generation process has turned sluggish. In a competitive business environment both the quality and quantity of leads decides upon your success. If your sales team isn’t fed with quality leads on a continuous basis you are likely to see stagnation in sales and revenue. If your business has just entered such a phase you need to think of smart ways of lead generation. The focus shouldn’t just be on the quantity of leads that you generate but also their quality. If you haven’t tried polls as a means of lead generation it is time to try it now. 

Most businesses are using polls as a means of increasing engagement on their websites which also helps in collecting high quality leads. Polls being highly engaging allow you to generate tons of leads in quick time. One of the major benefits of using polls as a tool for lead generation is the fact that they improve the quality of leads. Since they aren’t intrusive and rather engaging you can expect your users to share authentic contact details which improve the conversion rate for the sales team. Businesses that have been actively pursuing with polls as a lead generation tool have experienced manifold rise in leads.

To Make a Poll Use a Poll Maker    
You may have already conceptualized how to use polls for increasing lead generation but the question that would be crossing your mind is how to make a poll. If you feel integrating polls on your website requires advanced technical knowhow you are both wrong and right. You are right since in the past having polls on the website would mean creating it from scratch. You are wrong as online poll makers let you do it easily these days. If you haven’t tried your hand at coding or designing websites in the past you can still integrate polls in your website within minutes.

Interactive Content

How Does A Poll Maker Work?      

Creating polls involves addressing two different elements – design and technology. To make a poll using a poll maker you will start with a set of pre-designed poll templates which saves you from having to master a design tool. You have unlimited scope of customizing these templates in terms of their color scheme, the graphics and also add your branding elements without much hassle. In the next step you move on to the technical aspects of the polls. You set an open ended question and follow it up with logical answers. Next you would integrate a lead generation form within your polls.

Once done all you need to do is generate the codes and paste them on your websites control panel or in the CMS if you are running a website powered by a Content Management System. Your polls would go live in real time and engage your users. Apart from helping you with lead generation polls also gather vital data about your users such as where are they coming from, the source of the traffic and other data that would help you in your remarketing efforts for the future.

Why Use Polls for Lead Generation 

  • They Engage – Polls are highly engaging. Most of your users are highly opinionated and by using polls you let them express their opinions easily.
  • They Inspire – Polls make your site look vibrant. They are a welcome change over static content on the site that has very little for the returning users. You’ll inspire confidence about your brand among your users using polls.
  • They Promote Action – Users don’t mind sharing their contact information when they come across something interesting on your website. Using polls you offer them interactive content and smart placement of a lead generation form lets you collect quality leads.  

To sum up you would empower your sales team when you make a poll using a robust online poll maker. All you need to do is choose an easy to use poll maker and you are all set to experience increase in the number of leads and their quality in the near future. As they say money is always in the list and with poll makers you’d engage your audience and also build a healthy list of leads.

Eric Jones is a seasoned marketer who has effectively used interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and surveys to promote brands and increase interaction between customers and businesses. He has been pursuing tailored campaigns that are targeted towards improving brand recognition, engagement, and sales. As an active blogger, he continuously writes about the use of new digital marketing techniques.