I always had this idea that one day I would start a blog, then I came upon a ‘blog’ which said that every day the human brain comes up with a thousand different ideas, and 3% of those can change their life, that was when I decided that I had to do this.

This may not be the idea that changes my life, but at least I will be sure of that!

So if you are wondering whether you should start something like this, don’t be afraid. Don’t think about what others might think, because frankly no one cares. Everyone is out there trying to figure out what they want. If this is something which makes you happy, you should go ahead with it!

You might think that you are not very knowledgeable, but trust me even if you are more knowledgeable than 10% of the people in your field, make sure that you share your knowledge with those 10% . This is what has inspired me to start writing. I do not see this as an income yet, and I am okay if I never earn from the blog as long as I enjoy it, I will keep writing.

Make Your Lists is a blog primarily started to share great tips and tricks to help us in our daily life. Currently, I am writing about Digital Marketing but will be moving on to Sports, Fitness and a friend might contribute to the Fashion section.

I do not claim to have complete knowledge about any niche I am covering. But what you will get for sure is honest writing!

Wish me luck!